16 Top Hashtags that Gains Attraction on Twitter 

For small business owners entering the digital world can be very difficult, particularly when promoting content via social media. Here are the top

16 hashtags you can use to gain some traction on Twitter. 

(click on the hashtag you like and the link takes you straight to twitter)

1. #spdc

This hashtag will get your tweet to stay active for longer, gain more retweets and thousands of impressions

2. #jobs

This hashtag will help you promote job listings and information about job searches. It’s great if you need a new employee at short notice.

3. #smallbusiness and #SMEs

This is obviously a big one. A hashtag that tracks conversations, articles debates and so much more about SMEs.

4. #retail

A hashtag that the world of retail will be using. Keep up to date on all retail news while at the same time promoting any new deals or discounts you may have on offer.

5. #business

A catchall hashtag for business-related conversations. Good for keeping up with business news and resources.

6. #sales

For SMEs who love to sell stuff. Keep up with the competition and find out the best sales techniques by using this hashtag.

7. #marketing

A hashtag for marketing news, best practices and resources. Also, good places to find marketing experts for hire.

8. #networking

Become better connected on Twitter by using the networking hashtag. Here you’ll gain tips on how to network and all the best networking events in the UK.

9. #consumers

Want to know more about your audience and your customers? By using #consumers you will have access to a load of consumer information and advice that you can use to improve your SME.

10. #economy

Keep up to date on the latest UK business news through the economy hashtag. If you’re writing an article on how the economy is affecting your SME, use a hashtag like this to pick up more page views.

11. #entrepreneurs

2016 is looking like a record-breaking year for new entrepreneurs, so connect with them all by using this hashtag.

12. #socialmedia

Of course, this hashtag is very meta, but follow the stream that accompanies this hashtag and you’ll find tonnes of info on how to best market your product via social media. You’ll find insights, advice and resources for navigating the Wild, Wild, West of the social media world.

13. #tax

Everyone hates tax, but you have to keep track of the latest tax requirements for your business. Read or even give out helpful SME tax information via Twitter.

14. #SmallBusinessSaturday

One of the biggest events of the year for UK SMEs, get the latest information on Small Business Saturday. Let your customers know that you’re celebrating on the day too.

15. #shoplocal

A hashtag that encourages consumers to do business with local merchants, retailers and service providers.

16. #startups

This hashtag is a great way to keep track of emerging companies you might not otherwise hear about, as well as gaining the latest new and interviews with start-ups in the UK.

I hope this has helped you on your way with marketing your company on twitter, be great if you could let us know how your tweet went whether it get retweeted, or noticed by others. which one worked for you, simply by using the comment box below.



3 thoughts on “16 Top Hashtags that Gains Attraction on Twitter 

  • October 17, 2016 at 2:51 am

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  • January 6, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Good list -(although in the UK people tend to use #buylocal).

    But what the heck does #spdc stand for? I have been an active user of twitter for over 7 years and have never, ever seen this hashtag used by any of the 4000+ people I follow or in any of their RTs.

    Also – you show the hashtag #Start-up – but this would not work (hashtags don’t use hyphens) – either use #startup or #startups, like most people – or use an under-score to separate the words #Start_Up.


    PS: I checked on Wikipedia – SPDC can stand for
    Self-Protecting Digital Content
    Shell Petroleum Development Company
    State Peace and Development Council
    Spontaneous parametric down-conversion
    Social Policy and Development Centre
    Steorn Private Developers Club
    Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children
    Sun Protective Designer Clothing

    There are a further 60+ possible definitions here http://www.acronymattic.com/SPDC.html

    Top tip – avoid abbreviations in hashtags (they confuse and look spammy)

    • February 18, 2017 at 10:06 pm

      Hi Zen, thank you for your detailed comment regarding hashtags, and thank you for pointing out the hyphened startup hashtag… error on my behalf..
      the hashtag #spdc… nest time you tweet.. use it and see what happens… i have followed you on twitter and even if you dont use the hashtag.. you will be able to see who #spdc is.
      kind regards
      Pete Ashton


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