7 essential skills new marketers need to succeed. #spdc

As the digital marketing is now an industry that is moving fast - and marketers need to move faster, but if you want to take your marketing to the next level you need to have these essential skills.

Hi, I'm Pete Ashton, CEO of SP Digital Consultants, here to show you the 7 skills new marketers will need to succeed.



First essential skill is is analytics. Marketers leverage web behavior and if your data minded you will be a hot commodity.


Second essential skill is social media. Planning and strategies and staying up to date with the cutting edge of social media helps you be the trend - not follow it. Did you know that 92% of marketers believe that social media is important for their business.


The third essential skill is data visualization. Bite size visual media is on the rise. Images are easier to share and very popular. Digital marketers create images that people are excited about.


The forth essential skill is technical skills. Having technical skills - for example - learning basic coding for video production - if your in the understanding of basic tech skills you will have the understanding of what co workers or clients want.


The fifth essential skill is Team work. As social media teams continue to increase, so if you have skill and ability to work with others as this is paramount to be a team player.


The sixth essential skill is Newjacking. Be up to date with the local and national news, be first to deal with the social media and fleet marketing as this can create amazing opportunities.


The seventh and final essential skill is soft skills. Pay attention to the the soft skills around you, relationships, communication skills friendliness and flexibility.


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