About Pete

Who Is Pete Ashton

An Entrepreneur and Family Man


At the age of twenty I made a promise to myself and that promise was to be semi-retired by the age of 40.. during my 20 years of working hard, I developed a few successful businesses - having developed the first business without a single penny to start, this was soon turned around within the first year and employing over 130 staff and 80+ contractors. I will state tho, this was all achieved without the use of the internet, just using and enhancing the skills that I have. To which I sold 4 years ago.(read the article next to this one as it will explain why) But, Like any entrepreneur, I can't just sit there and do nothing, I had to do something that fits within our family life... ( I'm sure some of you can relate to that part).

 Made A Life Goal And Achieved it. ( READ MORE)



Why I started Helping Others Succeed

A Realization of Life - Changed us

On October 31st, 2012 my wife had been rushed to hospital after having a Bleed on the brain caused by an AVM.. the next few months was devastating and made us all realize how precious life is.. my wife survived and our children had been amazing throughout everything part of this journey.  As a family, we have all learned to manage our day to day difficulties, and now it's all a normal way of life. 

During The past 4 years, I had been studying Social Media And Marketing and tested a lot of programs and apps with not a lot of success... if any. 

Throughout my whole life, I have always had a passion for helping others, teaching them knowledge and skills to help themselves become the success the desire. Wondering how to put the studied information and skills that I acquired and using it to power others, I shared my ambition with a good friend of mine Spencer Rayner and to discover that his desire was the same - and primarily helping others, so together we worked hard to start an online business to do just that. Called SP Digital Consultants.