FaceBook Tips

Facebook has over 1 billion registered users. with 50% of which are online at any given time. that’s the most attentive audience there ever was and if you want to leverage some of that audience to grow your business.

everyone needs a profile to join Facebook, this is used for yourself, your friends and family, with the option for people you don’t know to subscribe to your personal profile.

in my opinion: Groups are for joining people together with similar interests and causes, these can be private or public ( see an example of a Facebook Group here)

In my Opinion Pages are for Business, A base to connect with your potential customers. Every Business Should have a Facebook Page. (see an example of a Facebook Page Here) 

Facebook Page is where I’m going to focus on today with MY TOP FACEBOOK TIPS.

This list is my top tips that should get you on your way…

pete ashton facebook tips 2First things first, you need a Facebook Page. Don’t start marketing your Business by using your personal profile, the bit where you  ‘ add friends ‘.You also don’t want to focus your main business on a group where you ‘JOIN’, (both will be useful later, but first things first). Create a branded Facebook page for your Business, the one where people click ‘like’.



pete ashton facebook tips 3Create a ‘call to action’ by using the options available, either direct people to your business website or to a video, there are several different options on here that you can use… please use this as it works to your advantage for your business marketing, also works perfectly on all mobile devices too.



pete ashton facebook tips 6Customize your timeline. Since the launch of the timeline in 2012, we have been given the opportunity to brand our pages with a cover image, profile image and a series of app images. You will need to customize these to show off your brand.




So yopete ashton facebook tips 4u want some fans – use the Facebook groups and Twitter, simply ask people to ‘ to like your new page’ most of them will… I have done exactly that for one of my pages and before I knew it I had over 300 real fans – be sure to send them a post, welcoming them to your new business page and ask them a question, for example : ‘ Hi Dave, thank you for liking my new page, do you have a #business Fb page that I could become a fan of? ‘ They will be happy to reply. this helps with more exposure for your page.


Keep it Fresh, Keep it Regular and Respond to comments.

Follow this advice and you will be well on your way to building a successful and interactive fan base.