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Use Pin Spacing

Use Pin Spacing
You should still make sure that you are pinning multiple times every day. But not spacing them out enough will overload your customers’ feeds and may lead to you missing out on widening your audience. To get the timing right, you should be using scheduling software in 2016.
Schedule your pins like you would any social media post with a blog article. There are many tools on offer that you may want to use. Combined scheduling software and image creators will make your job far easier in the long-term.

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Create Boards To Match Consumer Interests

Consumers are less tolerant of promotional content than ever before. Your promotional pins should be kept to a minimum in order to avoid turning people away. Make sure that your boards are aligned with your customer’s interests. This all goes back to the key to marketing; have an intimate knowledge of your target audience.
Make sure you are posting non-promotional laser targeted content. If you have multiple audiences, create multiple boards and run them at once. Sub-niche boards have been shown to be extremely effective in 2016.
Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself
It’s well-known that influencer marketing and using brand ambassadors are both extremely useful for building your brand. But these two forms of marketing take a lot of time. On Pinterest, follow influencers in your niche and reach out to them.

Pinterest in 2016 has seen some subtle changes. Don’t think that because the year has changed you suddenly have to go out of your way to alter your entire marketing campaign. Most of the same principles of building brand interest from 2015 are just as relevant now as they were then.


Use analytics constantly to ensure that you are maintaining a strong level of interest among your target audience. Go out of your way to ensure that your content is having a positive effect on your users.

Top Pinterest TIPS 2016/7

  1. Pin consistently at least 5x per day
  2. Schedule your Pins
  3. Apply for Rich Pins for your website or blog
  4. Create “Pin It for Later” links
  5. Design images at the proper size
  6. Create and Pin images with text
  7. Write keyword-rich descriptions and boards
  8. Add a link to your pin descriptions

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