Twitter Tips


Twitter is 140 chatwitter logoracters of micro-blogging, mentions, hash tags and (my point of view) the marketing platform for any size business, if you need a question answered, or tracking a brand or you simply want to promote your goods, Twitter is the place for you.

Twitter is ranked in the top 10 for the most trafficked site in the world, you may want to get yourself known on twitter and leverage the vast amount of active audience to spread your message viral.

Here are my top Twitter Tips

Add a profile picture, ThAdd a profile imageis is a must, otherwise you become a twitter egg. Eggs – My pet hate on twitter, and  I’m pretty sure most people on twitter don’t like them either. So pick a good profile picture, your mugshot or company logo is good, but in an ideal world, use your mugshot for your profile picture as people do business with people.

Also add ‘About me ‘ profile, you get 160 characters on Twitter to tell people about your self, use this wisely, put as much info as you can, use a hashtag or two, and put in a url link ( need an example – check out my twitter profile here)


Twitter Hashtag #spdc Use Hashtags – For those that are unsure what they are, there  simply words with the sign # in front of them. e.g #socialmedia #spdc . Hashtags are a good way of tracking conversations on twitter about trends or a certain topic and even events, click on them to see who’s talking about that topic.

Take a look at who is talking about #spdc here . 


My biggest tip is to react with conversations, good or bad, respond to the tweeter promptly and keep it as positive as you can, twitter loves all the positive vibes in the tweets.