pay monthly website – how it works #spdc

How Pay monthly websites works

Your site will be built for you by SPDC Webdesign experts after an in-depth consultation with you about your business, your website needs and your SEO requirements. Being built within 30 days 


SPDC Webdesign will discuss your website with you over the phone or via email listen to your requirements and make suggestions of our own regarding the design and added widgets to enhance your website 

And then SPDC Webdesign will:

  • design 
  • build
  • host your site

Help you choose a look for your site

You can choose from of selection of themes for your site and, if required, we will make suggestions too.

Need a Logo ?

SPDC Webdesign will create a text/picture based logo for your site or use your existing one if you have one

Build your site

SPDC Webdesign will add  content (all your pictures and text) to the site in the most appealing, attractive and effective way possible

SPDC Webdesign will talk through what additional functionality you need and then add it on - Social Media Integration, an online shop, A questionnaire or booking form? there are all kinds of extras 

SPDC Webdesign are experts in SEO and will tweak your site so it will be optimised for Google and other search engines and perform as well as it possibly can