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Hello There Fellow entrepreneurs, Pete Ashton here, co owner of #spdc The digital marketing specialists. one of the many questions i get asked when others are wanting to use Facebook to generate an income is: 

What are the best groups to post my business or product ?

my reply is quite simple, ” join as many as you can in the area you live ” and that’s the easiest way to get started as people know who you are and will buy from your business… its a trust thing, once your more established poster in groups on Facebook you can then choose from thousands of other Facebook groups.

I had decided to make life a little simpler for you Facebook Marketeers, so i created a list of top facebook groups with over 2000 groups in that list.  

What ever your business or line of promotion is this list will work for you. Also with the following:   

  • SEO
  • CPA
  • Affiliate
  • FB ADS
  • Shopify
  • Dropshipping
  • Youtube
  • List Building  
  • Email Marketing

Like any Business Marketeer, I have my own set of Facebook Groups, And this group is the Place Where You Can Learn How To Make The Impossible Become Possible. How to Earn Online.  So if anyone want to join my Group, just click join here MLM CENTRAL  

Now your next task is to join in most of these groups and promote facebook-page-mlm-centralyour referral link or Products you sell. It will take ages to join in all these groups, but it will be worth it,

But  Imagine on an average 50 members in each group click and visit your website and you are member of 2000 groups 50 x 2000 =100000 visits or clicks to your link per day. (Remember it’s only an average it can be even more )


The list below is Protected by a Social Plugin… please use it to access the massive list of potential customers 

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