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Social Jukebox will eliminate the need to continually schedule your posts, and manage your content. It's all right at your fingertips. Once you turn on your jukebox, it posts for you. Automatically. No more wasted time. How's that for good news?

You're probably busy. Most of us are. Scheduling social media posts is very time consuming. Plus you have to remember when you last sent a particular piece of content. It's tiring just thinking about it. That’s why we developed Social Jukebox. To liberate you from the drudgery.

JUKE BOXES: You're going to love your Jukeboxes. You load one with content , figure out how often you'd like it to tweet, and then turn it on. With each Jukebox, you can store thousands of Tweets and set them up with our scheduling software. You can send tweets from one to over a 100 times per day. Plus your scheduling is flexible, allowing you to set different schedules for each day of the week. When it runs out of tweets, your Jukebox will turn over like an hourglass and keep tweeting. This is also completely automatic. You don't have to touch a thing. (PS - to make it super easy to start out, we even give you a FREE Jukebox with 200 quotes for you to try out.)  To get started you can use a free account which allows you two jukeboxes and up to 300 stored jukebox tweets as well as 5 stored Targeted Posts. Plus you can thank up to 50 of your top interactors. All for free. (Free accounts are limited to five tweets and one post daily on Twitter and Facebook) If you like Social Jukebox, you can easily upgrade to one of our turbo charged plan

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Social Jukebox" is the best "time saving" social media tool that there is!